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English Writer

Employer : Institute of Infocomm Research
Budget : $2000
Date Posted : 01-08-2014
Deadline : 14-08-2014
Job Description : Rewriting news in simple English. Add labels (to both the news and your rewriting, the label numbers should be consistent between the news and your rewriting) and tag the relations as required.

The examples of labels and relations are below:
Tom[1] is a boy[1]. He[1] came[2] to the school[3] on 11/04/2014[4]. Tom[1] joined the basketball team[5]. They [5] will challenge[6] NUS team[6] next month[7].

The payment will be calculated based on the number of rewriting words, labels and tags. A unit is about 100,000 words/labels/tags. You can work at home but a unit should be completed in a month. And the mistake/lacks should be less than 2%. (The mistakes will be calculated separately as words, labels or tags)

Only native English speakers are accepted. Please send me your resume and quotation (how much you want to charge) for a unit (100000 words+labels+tags).

Please feel free to ask if you have any question.

Job Requirements : Students and freelancers are welcome. Writing experience is essential.
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