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Despite the horror stories regarding paypal populated around the net, Paypal remains a popular method of payment. It is quite convenient for freelancers to accept payments, and getting an account is relatively easy.

The drawback is mainly to do with the fees they charge

  • Processing Fee (percentage + fixed fee)
  • Cross-border Fee, on top of a not so attractive exchange rate
  • Withdrawal fee (your balance must be more or equals to SGD$200)

Check out the whole details here

Take note of the type of account you sign up for - personal or premier(supposedly lets you accept credit card payments). There are additional fees associated with premier accounts for receiving payments - according to user experiences posted on the net, accounts are known to upgrade "automatically".

Read the fine print and double check what you click.


One of the traditional methods of payment that still works. Just make sure that it does not bounce.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfers have become popular as well, since iBanking has come into play, making it a convenient method as well.

The only thing is that you have to give away your bank account number to the employer.


Cold hard cash - the most straightforawrd method for smaller amounts of payment.

However, employers do not usually do this as they like to keep tabs on their accounts.

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