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Going freelance fulltime can be attractive to some and yet daunting to others. For starters, you will need to be a self-disciplined individual with great self-motivational skills in order to succeed in this. You will experience a change in lifestlye - your working hours are different, greater demands from clients since you are in charge and of course, DEADLINES.

Here are some of the steps you will go through

Getting jobs

Getting jobs is not as easy as it seems. Yes, there are many jobs out there all over the newspaper ads and across IT boards online. However, you have to get sufficient jobs to support yourself while competing with the other freelancers out there. If you are starting out, you will realize that it is quite hard at first. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Get yourself a nice portfolio

    Employers like to see your work as a quick way to measure you up. Getting a web portfolio would be beneficial especially if you're in Photography, Web Design / Development, Design.

  • Distinguish yourself from others

    This is quite hard to go into detail but you should have a selling point that makes employers want you, that is if you are looking to stay freelance long-term with good prospects. Talented freelancers can stay in business making a tidy sum because they are in demand.
Managing yourself

Discipline is much needed especially if you are working at home and at your own time. You have to keep track of ongoing projects as well as ensuring that future projects are coming in. Again, here are some tips:

  • Keep a record of your work

    Record the hours you work or the things you have accomplished so that you can set goals to improve yourself
  • Maintain a workspace

    Yes, you may be working at home with all the distractions. So keep a spot free from all the things that will divert your attention and lower your productivity.

There are times where you will be swarmed with jobs and times where there are no jobs. Do not waste your time - use it to enhance your portfolio, build networks or come up with fresh ideas to market yourself or your products/services.

Maintaining the freelance status
  • Maintain Client Relations

    Clients come back for more if you are good - skills, communication, competency .etc. Remember that employers are human and like convenience as well. Most would not mind paying more for quality, especially if they have a good past working relationship with you. Repeat jobs and referrals are what you need and want in the long-run.
  • Improve yourself

    Give yourself an edge other others by showing that you are constantly improving.


The rest is for you to ponder upon to see if freelancing is really suited for you. If you have done this for a long time and adapted well, then you have succeeded.

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