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Recently I stumbled upon a Facebook Ad about " hiring home-based workers" and offering "executive-level pay". The first thing that stuck as weird is that the fact that Amazon would advertise on Facebook.

So, out of curiousity, I clicked on the ad to see what it showed. 

There was no company logo, address, contact information and the whole ad was in a lengthy text format, although neatly formatted and containing no grammatical errors. To sum up the message, the ad said that you could earn executive level pay from working at home and on top of that, have flexible working hours. Here's the catch, it said  that you would have to pay a fee to start. That was when the ad showed its true colours.

Most of us might be experienced and web-savvy enough to sense the danger, however at certain times, such an attractive message compels people to act without thinking carefully. So here are some tips to avoid online job scams.

Tips to avoid online job scams

  1. Check the source of the advertisment

    Is the source legitimate and reliable? For the above example, Amazon would not have posted such an ad on Facebook as they have their own site and career page (Amazon Career Page). Therefore, the job advertisement clearly does not match up with what Amazon would do.

  2. Beware of jobs that ask you to send money

    This is a clear sign whether the job most likely a scam or not. For scammers who want to make money fast, getting people to pay small fees for an instant job position. Sending money is a large danger sign for you.

  3. Beware of unrealistic pay claims

    When an online employer offers high pay which is uncommon for the job type in question, you should be very wary of it. 

  4. Consider the job advertisement from the employer's perspective

    Use logic when reviewing online job advertisements. Does the job description fit the actual company in question and would the actual employer use such methods to hire workers?

In conclusion, be careful when dealing with online job offers. The usual home-based jobs are usually data-entry or telemarketing jobs. To find home-based jobs, you can post your freelancer details and request for such jobs to let potential employers know that you're available!

Experinced or encountered any online job scams? Share it with Singapore's Freelance Community.

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