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Web Content Writers

Freelance Web Content Writers are employed by companies who want to beef up their website's content - either to boost visitors, improve their SERP(Search Engine Ranking Page) or so on. Many of these content sites request their writers rely on keywords to bring in traffic and pay either a flat fee or a fee plus page view or traffic bonuses. Some knowledge in HTML(Hyper Text Mark-Up Language) and SEO(Search Engine Optimization)would prove useful for such writers.


Web Copy Writers

Web copy refers to writing sales, promotional, or other copy for a website to bring in traffic and foster interest in a product or service. Such freelance web copywriters have to be creative and novel in their writing skills.



Companies are looking towards having a company blog or having bloggers featuring articles about themselves to boost their online presence as it is quite the 'in' thing. So freelance bloggers wannabe can get their blogs and start blogging in their niche area to start gathering readers.


Features Writer

Features writers write articles for newspapers, magazines and other news outlets that will be “featured”. These jobss are coveted and usually go to folks who have long established themselves. Feature writers basically have to be some kind of celebrity or have fresh and novel ideas and writing skills to succeed.


Corporate Copywriting

Businesses often employ freelance copywriters to write brochures, promotional copy, employee manuals and more. Freelance Corporate Copywriters should be well versed in business writing and corporate business practices.


Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is writing a book or article by which someone else claims the credit. With ghostwriting, you do all the work but someone pays you an agreed amount for all rights in addition to removing your name from the project and replacing it with someone else’s.

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