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Data Entry

Data Entry jobs is one of the most common jobs you'll find. It usually involves conversion of data from one format to another. Companies provide hand written documents, image scans, spread sheets as part of the project and request that freelance data entry workers to convert in to entries in computer databases , simple text files or sometimes HTML.

Copy Writer

Companies starting up their websites or maintaining them require original content to keep their pages alive. Sometimes they outsource such work to freelance copywriters. Freelance Copywriters require good writing skills, originality and creativity. There are many ways to express ideas in words, to put it short, a copywriter has to do it the best way.


Welcome to the age of social media. Bloggers do earn money - how? you ask. A blogger usually has to have a niche area or topic he/she is good at. Bloggers have to keep creating original posts that attract readers. Companies sometimes engage such renowned bloggers to write articles that help boost their publicity, on the blogger's own blog. Sometimes, companies start their own blog and need original content to reel visitors and readers in. Either way, freelance bloggers can earn some money this way - aside from advertising fees and endorsements if they happen to be super-famous.


The job title says it all. Freelance Translators need to have knowledge of different languages and be proficient in their written skills in those languages. They also need to know special terms depending on the company's line of business etc, healthcare, medical ... Companies do hire freelance translators on ad-hoc basis or regularly to convert existing web content to the targeted language or translate new content.

Web Designer

A freelance web designer needs to have the skills to create websites. This usually involves HTML, CSS and sometimes javascript. Good design skills and coding practices can lead to outstanding portfolios and freelance web design jobs by smaller companies or even larger companies. A portfolio's important ...

Web Developer

A web developer creates applications that functions online through the internet. They usually need to have a good grasp of programming languages such as PHP, ASP, .NET, Javascript, Ajax and also database administration skills.

Web Marketer / SEO

Companies without a full-time web team to promote their website hire freelancers with requests such as getting their website in the major search engines and in the first few pages - essentially more visitors to their website. Web Marketers / SEO Specialists Freelancers require a good understanding of search engine operations and algorithms to optimize websites for better searches. The modern web marketer knows how to harness social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter to accomplish this.

This concludes freelance jobs related to the web. The list should cover the main freelance jobs out there pertaining to the web. Stay tuned to freelance jobs in other categories soon!

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