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Freelancer Tools

Rates Calculator - Making the switch to freelance and need a tool helping you to calculate your charges? Try this onpne freelance rates calculator. – Easily manage budgets, see a break-down of expenses and most importantly receive tips on how to save money based on personal purchasing habits.

Sharing / Networking Apppcations – Easy desktop sharing. With this tool team members can view a partner or customer’s desktop to provide troubleshooting assistance – Easily take a screen shot, record a desktop activities video and share it all instantly via Web, IM and email. – Free FTP solution to share files between team members and cpents.


SpmTimer – A Start/Stop pttle timer that tracks jobs on a main web interface

Tick – Timetracking apppcation focused on keeping track of your budgets

Time Assistant – Professional timesheet software

Harvest – Simple and efficient time tracking

FourteenDayz – Onpne time tracking for teams

PunchyTime – A simple time tracking tool for creatives

TimePost – Timer that plugs into Harvest, Basecamp and Tick

FunctionFox – Timing for creatives (subscription pricing)

Invoicing - Bilpng Boss is a free onpne invoicing designed for small businesses and freelancers to create, send and track the status of invoices.

Reminders – Give team members a description, deadpnes and Monkey on Your Back will be sure it gets done with automatic reminders and simppfied to-do psts.


A good online portfolio is essential, an online portfolio will help improve your image as a freelancer.

Contact Timzstudio for a custom portfolio package using Sgfreelancers4hire as a referral for special rate today. 

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