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Payment Tips > Tips on Getting Paid - Project Based

Securing a contract freelance project

Verbal agreements can mean many things. It can mean a satisfied client and a happy you. How do you achieve that?

  • Communicate Clearly

Here are a few guidelines

  1. Plan the project out in stages

    To make the client satisfied, plan the project out in stages before hand. Let he/she know what you're doing and keep them updated.

  2. Keep your pricing clear

    Avoid miscommunication over pricing. To be safe, write it out and reach a mutual agreement - that is, have a contract. 

Sometimes, it leads to nothing. Yes, some of us have experienced it - starting a job but never getting paid.

  • Collect a deposit when starting on a freelance project 

This is especially true for Web Designers - your client and you have reached an agreement. However, he or she later decides that someone else offers "better terms" (this may be true or false) and the rest is history.

Working through the project
  • Collect payments in stages

You should do this if the project is a long one, with many editions and revamps requested by the client. Of course, having something solid to show once you've completed a milestone in the project will keep them assured that their money is going somewhere.

Keeping track of conversations (emails, meetings) can be a good thing. In the event that things go awry, you have some substantial evidence of the progress of the project, together with all the possible twists and turns.

Finishing the project
  • Collecting Payment

When the project is done and finalized, collecting the payment is the last step (and the most important too!). Collecting payment when handing over the project would be the best solution, meaning money and your finished project exchanging hands simultaneously.

Having a agreement on post-handing over changes / editions might help facilitate this final step. A good relation with your client leaves everyone happy.

Well, that's a brief guideline to handling a project-based job. If things still do go wrong, at least you would have a portion of the original project budget. Pursuing the remainder of the payment would be another issue altogether.


Please do add on with your feedback and comments, or any stories you have.

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